What is a God? 

Ancient man believed that the lightning in the night, sky is God. They named it the God of Thunder. They observed sun every day watching them they termed it good God, and low light moon at night and named it smaller God. Even they named stars after many God’s and Goddesses. With the development of modern science, we now know that these are not Gods.

Then the big question is what is God and where it is located? 

Good is a word nearer to God spelling, then Good is God? A good soul is always a God. I say the inner light is God. Inner light is the power of a good soul. Bad soul also has inner lights but hides under the sin. 

How to feel the God? 

When the inner light glows, you feel that God is with you. How to glow the inner light, is the biggest question of centuries. Majority of people need a guidance from a teacher or Guru to reach or activate the inner light. Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 births to switch on with the teachers. There are few people on the planet,  he or she is the person who has been borne with activated inner light, is God. He is the greatest teacher of all and requires no training. 

What is the inner Light? 

A light of the third eye, when it glows, you will feel the happiness of your lifetime. You will see a sweet and charming light taking over everything of you and around. I say this pinging, and getting connected to the master server.  It will take you to the galaxy and beyond. It’s timeless and moves beyond space. An energy frequency or vibration which will heel over your body,  mind and even others. The frequency develops a magical force and power in and around you. The stage is called enlightenment. The force is too powerful, that even cure an uncurable disease, change matter, destroy evil, see future and past, plus many unimaginable things. 


Why Yogi Purush? 

Yogi, is a yoga performer and Purush is referred as a male. So, a male yoga performer. Is it sounds,  just that simple?  

Not at all, yog (symbolise ‘+’) means connection, where Yogi (yoga performer) refers as connector. 

Yogi Purush is the “Yogo Purush”, Yogo  (pronounced as ‘Yog’+’ o’)  means timeless, so the timeless man. He is the beginning and the end. The first man, and the creator. You tell him the God, sometimes a Goddess. He created the universe and everything in and beyond. 

He is here, and always was and we call them Avatars. We have given them many names in different religions. He appears in one or in many living bodies to his creation, when they seek help. 

In the age of science and technology, why you will believe this mumbo-jumbo? 

But, do you ever question yourself,  why everything is already made available on earth for us? Who made it available, or what  technology provides this to us? No, we don’t, even we don’t bother. 

When we keep a pet dog or cat  to home, we make all arrangements for them. Similarly he arranged everything from the beginning for you. 

In this blog, we will take you to the true stories of Yogi Purush. Don’t believe the  writings, just read them and you will feel that he is near and you are closer to him. 

Follow this blog and you will find the meaning of your life.